Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nikon D7000 on the Way!

The nature of this blog is about to change. Not that anyone reads it anyway!

I just ordered a Nikon D7000 camera. This is Nikon's latest entry into the prosumer/semi-professional camera range. I love my D40, and will hang onto it as a backup or second body as Is tart trying to shoot at more interesting events. I feel I have pushed it to the limit, taking on astrophotography and HDR photography. But, I needed something more versatile and durable for some upcoming projects.

I had my eyes on either the D90 or the D300. The latter was really getting my attention due to its durability, build, and features. Then Nikon comes out with the D7000 at a price point in between the D90 and the D300. Amazing set of features, too! So, I just ordered one tonight.

It should really be a step above the the D40, and give me more capabilities as I start to pursue some of the interests I had many years ago, forgot about and am now keen on pursuing again, namely photojournalism. We'll see!


Darrell Dupas said...

i promise i will read your blog about your new camera

your photos are crisp, i like them, they are way above average


Phil said...

Thanks a lot, Darrell!