Monday, January 4, 2010

London Highlight - Thames Barrier

Having been to London numerous times, I have never had the chance to go and see the Thames Barrier. Thanks to my aunt, I got to see it on my recent trip! The Barrier was created between 1974 and 1982 in a bid to stop London from flooding with rising tidewaters. It's an amazing feat of engineering, and I think is rather pleasing aesthetically.

The shot below is HDR, actually processed from a single RAW file.

Close-up of a single tower with the Millenium Dome in the background:


Kristin-LandingPadLondon said...

Ah! Gorgeous photos and helpful commentary here. In fact, I thought the readers of my site would benefit from this post, so I've quoted and linked to you from this page:

Say, your photos are amazing! If you'd be interested in contributing, we're always welcoming of great photographers like you to be featured with photo essays. If you're interested, get in touch either via my blog or through LandingPadLondon.

Thanks. Again, I love your work.

Phil said...

Hi Kristin,

Sorry for the late response!

Would love to contribute and will be in touch!