Saturday, July 11, 2009

Texas Gulf Coast

My wife is off to China for the next two weeks, and will most likely come back with photos far better than these ones! Anyway, I took the ankle-biters down to the Texas Gulf Coast, and the photos below are of the various creatures you can see down there.

Click on each one for full size.


Jase said...

nice shots mate :)
i love the first one and the one with the bird trailing it's wing (?) in the water

what lens were you using - some good shallow depth of field there - was it the 55-200? or did you up the ante to a 70-300?

oh and what is that thing floating in the water - a dead chicken or sumtin???? :P

Phil said...

Thanks, Jase! The bird leaving the trail in the water was actually scoping/fishing with its beak as it flow at really low level. Quite a cool thing to watch and it took me about 30 shots until I got that one which is semi-decent. The critter in the water is a crab actually. It was swimming along and I tried a snap of it.

All with the stock 55-200mm lens. I'd like to get something more like 300mm later... :-)